Demo Reel

A compilation of my various video projects I worked on for my job, school, internships and freelance.

Fox43 Memorable Moments

A monthly segment I edited for Fox43 Morning News featuring various bloopers, memorable moments and behind-the-scenes antics.

York Traditions Freelance Project:

Mortgage Lingo 101 (ARM)

This was an episode in a weekly video series I produced for York Traditions Bank explaining various Mortgage terms. I shot, edited and created the animations in the video.

Human Life Services Freelance Project:

2017 HLS Banquet Video

The women's health clinic, Human Life Services hired me to make a testimonial video for their annual banquet. I shot and edited the entire project, as well as make creative decisions.

Freelance Project:

The Happy Fisherman

This was a book reading video that I created for a client called "The Happy Fisherman." I shot all video, recorded all audio and edited together all video, audio and the illustrations from the book.

Freelance Project:

Ten Strings: Hallelujah

This was a video from a freelance project I put together for an instrumental duet called Ten Strings. I shot, edited and did the audio mixing for this video.

Joy El Camps and Retreats Internship Project:

End of Week Video

I spent this past summer at Joy El Camps and Retreats. At the end of every week, I created a video of moments I recorded for parents to purchase and see their child's camp experience.

Triscari Video | Web | Marketing Internship Project:

QuadCopter Demo Reel

During my last semester of college, I participated in an internship at Triscari Video | Web | Marketing, and created a demo reel for their website. I reviewed, organized, edited and color corrected the footage. I did not add the title graphics, but I did oversee the process and gave creative input.

Basic Video and Editing Project:

Brew-tiful Beginnings

At the end of my Basic Video and Editing class, my group was given a script to film and edit. I recorded the sound on set and recorded the shots for the introduction sequence.

Film and HD Production Final:


For this project, my group had to write, shoot and edit an original script. I directed and edited together the final cut of the film, and did some post sound mixing.

Motion Design Project:

Movie Title Sequence

For this project, I had to create a title sequence for a film between that was one minute long. I chose Harry Potter and the Chamber of secrets, and decided to emulate Tom Riddle's diary as means of presenting the credits.

Motion Design Project:

Still Image Narrative

For this project, I was given a track that contained a sequence of sounds and music. Using still images, my objective was to create a story through motion and shot composition.

Motion Design Project:

Animated TV Logo

For this project, I was required to animate a logo for an existing brand. I recorded my own sound effects using Garage Band and Adobe Audition.

Motion Design Project:

Animated Victor Hugo Quote

For this project, I was given a quote by Victor Hugo. I then had to animate the text and record sound effects to portray a specific emotion. The emotion that I chose was sarcasm.